Conference committee reaches deal on House, Senate voter ID bills

Written by Evan Paskach on .

capitol charlesAfter the House and Senate passed slightly different versions of the Voter ID bill, a conference committee eliminated those disparities and that legislation appears close to becoming the second constitutional amendment to appear on November's ballot.

On Monday evening, a conference committee charged with ironing out the differences in the bills came to an agreement on the final version of the bill. It will now head back to both chambers for final approval.

Day three recap: Severability on trial

Written by Evan Paskach on .

we the peopleSeverability and Medicaid expansion were the two topics debated before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, the third and final day of oral arguments.

Paul Clement, representing the 26 states that have filed suit against the Affordable Care Act, argued that if the individual mandate is found to be unconstitutional, the entire law also must be struck down. The federal health care law without the individual mandate, as Clement said, is just a “hollow shell.”

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