Article: #11 Creating an Impressive Office Ambiance for Important Meetings (The Garage Society)

Finally getting a chance to negotiate with an investor or client is both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially if you need to create a presentation to impress them and convince them to work with you. Aside from your content, you also need to make sure that you have the right office ambiance that will make your client or investor comfortable. If you want your presentation to go as smoothly as possible, there are some office hacks you can do.

Office Hacks to Impress Your Clients and Investors

If you are preparing for a big presentation to close a deal with a client or investor, here are some office hacks you can use to create an inviting office ambiance that will put your guests in a positive mood:

1. Use coffee scent to elevate the ambiance – Several studies have proven how the scent of coffee can lighten up the mood in the room and boost brainpower. Brewing coffee while presenting will both benefit you and your guests, creating a more positive environment in the room.

2. Choose an area with the best lighting – Lighting also plays a huge factor in people’s impressions and perceptions. If you want to leave a positive mark on your guests, install better lighting.

3. Add plants – Plants create a refreshing ambiance and better air circulation, making it an effective tool in breaking awkwardness and tension.

4. Rent an office space – If you have no time to redecorate your office, you can hire a furnished private office space where you can invite your clients or investors. If you are looking for inspiration or suggestions, you should consider the private office space for rent in Singapore. Singapore has modern office setups that is both impressive and work conducive, making them ideal for hosting meetings and conducting presentations for client negotiations.

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